Regatta Picture Gallery 2017

It’s a bit late but I promised some pics from last year’s regatta.

“Who let this snake on board?”
Getting her bottom cleaned
Ruth and Nick
The end is in here somewhere!
Sail trimmers, navigator and skipper, relaxing as usual. L-R Kay, Ruth, Henry, Alistair and Mike
Henry. So cool!!
Joan and Nick just before the BarBQ went up in flames.
Captain Mike
Code 0 in the Marina
Code 0 flying
Isi, Joan and Jon – Jon’s birthday
That’s me, up aloft! Efti in the foreground
Kay, Alistair and Mike.
Foredeckers! VIPs on the boat. L-R Jon, Phoebe and me. Where was Nick?
“OK, let’s just toss it overboard”
Ann. Drunk as usual.
Phoebe, Ruth, Mike and Jon off to the laundry!
Jon with his girlfriend. She was a bit of a scrubber.
The winning owner.
The Trophy

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