The Crew

The boat adviser, general director of operations and all round sailing guru is Alan O’Boyle.

Alan O’Boyle

With his many years of experience, particularly in the waters of the Adriatic and Greek Islands Alan is a terrific asset and critical to the successful completion of the passage.

Here he is in one of his favourite positions – I think the expression is “legs akimbo”!


John Campbell (spelt with a “P”) is also a very experienced sailor as well as connoisseur of all things of sophistication and alcoholic content!

John Campbell

To John we owe a great debt for the provision of copious amounts of Hariboo’s just at the time they were needed – usually at 0200 hrs.

Jon Over is my brother-in-law and the senior member of the crew.

Jon Over

His friends back in Northampton have asked me in particular to keep him out of trouble and away from any unsettling influences. Not sure what that means but no doubt there will be cause to reflect on this later.


Finally me, Ian Young, the owner and technically the skipper, but clearly while sailing we all defer to Alan on all matters related to the boat and decisions regarding navigation and passage planning. My job was to deal with the various authorities and formalities of getting us in and out of countries and ports. More of that later.

The plan is for two further members to join us later in the passage.  I’ll give you the details at the time.

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