The Voyages of Lothian Sky

This blog will from time to time tell the story of Lothian Sky, a Hanse 455 sailing yacht and the various crew that will sail her.   To date we have shared the adventure of her maiden voyage from Slovenia to Cyprus where she is currently moored in the St Raphael Marina, Limassol.  Soon to come will be her exploits in the Ioannideia 2016 ORC Sponsored Regatta, which took place in September 2016.

The next big adventure will be summer in the Mediterranean. Hopefully we will get as far as Naples – but that depends on crew availability!

5 thoughts on “The Voyages of Lothian Sky

  1. Wonder how it’s all going with you & Lothian Sky
    We are wintering in Glenorchy at moment
    Just been to Auckland to see Johns wee baby boy (Alfie) –


  2. Hi Bill, Not much been happening with Lothian Sky this year, apart from usual maintenance etc. I didn’t think anybody would be interested in that! We are moving to Puglia in Italy at the end of this year so the next challenge will be to get the boat from Cyprus to Brindisi Marina, probably in the spring of next year. I’ll be looking for crew??



  3. Funny you should be heading to Italy – we’ve been talking about a trip to Europe next year with some time in Italy – have been interested in the Abruzzo region since reading about a football team from Castel Di Sangro
    Would be great to catch up & even crew for you if it worked out


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